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Why is your older dog is dripping urine?

It is probably urinary inconcitence. It means that your pet is having problems controling his/her bladder, and some liquid leaks out. As dogs age, their bladder shpincthers we (MORE)

What do iv drips do?

  IV drips are fluids that are delivered through a person's veins rather than by mouth. They can be used to replace fluids lost for example through bleeding and therefore (MORE)

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a form of irrigation where water is literally applied as drops to each plant from a dripper attached to a plastic pipe This form of irrigation can be very h (MORE)

What is a drip leg and what is it for?

 A drip leg is used to catch any debris and condensation in a gas line before it reaches critical components, ie. regulators.  Not only used for gas lines. Can also be inst (MORE)

What is the difference between micro drip and macro drip?

  The drop factor differs (# of gtts/mL). A set that delivers large drops per mL (10-20 gtt/ml, usually 15) is called macrodrip set. One uses smaller gtts (60gtt/mL) is ca (MORE)

How do you install drip cap?

Answer . Roofing drip cap along the bottom edge of the roofed surface will go under the roof underlayment and shingles. Along the pitched edges of the roofed surface, the d (MORE)

How do you stop the drain valve of a hot water heater from dripping. Is it safe to put a cap on it?

No dont even think about putting a cap on it, its dripping for a reason, call a plumber to fix it, a hot water heater is a dangerous appliance and should not be dealt with lig (MORE)

What is a drip tip?

An elongated leaf tip from which excess water drips off, as found in plants of the rainforest.
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What does a drip loop do?

On an overhead service, during periods of rain, water will run along the overhead service wires. Water would run in to the service riser and in to the top of the meter, the dr (MORE)