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What are earls and dukes?

Earls and dukes are titles of the aristocracy in Europe. Although the hierarchy varies between countries, the order of precedence in the UK is: Duke Marquis Earl Viscount Ba (MORE)

What is the opposite of a duke?

Duke doesn't really have an opposite. If you mean the wife of a duke, that is a duchess.
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What is a Duke?

AnswerA Duke is the highest level of the peerage. The Royal Dukes, currently are Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall Prince Andrew, Duke of York Prince Philip, Duke o (MORE)

What are daisy dukes?

Daisy Dukes are REALLY short and tight cutoff jeans shorts. Click the link to see how Catherine Bach sports her Daisy Dukes. Daisy Dukes are brief, tight-fitting short shorts (MORE)

Who was Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire?

Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire was born Georgiana Spencer. Her brother is a direct ancestor of Princess Diana. When she was 17 she married the 25 year old Duke (MORE)

What is the Daughter of a duke?

Usually, she's The Lady Firstname Surname. If she's the heir-presumptive to her father's dukedom, and if the dukedom is Scottish, she might be The Mistress of
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Is Duke expensive?

The estimated tuition for Duke is $44,000 (not including room, board and other expenses). According to the university website, the estimated cost of attending is around $59,00 (MORE)

What frightening news awaits Sir Henry Dr Mortimer and Watson when they arrive in Devonshire?

After they exit the train, they notice guards posted in the  station, and they learn that a man known as the Notting Hill  murderer, a peculiarly ferocious criminal, had esc (MORE)
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Is a duke a female?

No, the word duke is a gender noun for a male; the gender noun for a female is duchess. Additional information: On rare occasions a woman can hold the title in her own right (MORE)