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If a person has DVM after his name what does he do for a living?

DVM stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and is the educational title for a veterinarian from any of 27 out of the 28 accredited colleges of veterinary medicine in the Uni (MORE)

Is it hard to be a DVM?

Being a veterinarian is no more challenging than (I presume) being a lawyer, a human medical doctor or a dentist - there are a great deal of situations that become routine wit (MORE)

What is the scope of dvm in Pakistan?

it is the third degree after mbbs and bds in the world which has much greater scope even that a vetenarian can earn more than a mbbs doctor or a dentist as far as the scope is (MORE)

Who is Lisa a pierson DVM?

Lisa A Pierson, DVM, is a California veterinarian who has a website, with information on feline nutrition, obesity, diabetes and other cat related issues. S (MORE)

What does Associate DVM mean?

An associate DVM is a veterinarian who is working as a salaried employee at a particular clinic. This is in contrast to a partner or owner DVM, who in addition to working as a (MORE)