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Which dynasty ruled after the Stuart dynasty?

I assume you are referring to England (rather than Scotland). I believe that the dynasty to follow the Stuarts technically was the House of Hanover. The last male Stuart monar (MORE)

What is duck dynasty?

Only the best show to come from A&E, the most popular non-scripted TV show today and the only good redneck show around these parts.  The show follows the Robertson clan, a fa (MORE)

Where was the Qin Dynasty?

The Qin Dynasty was during 221 BC to 206 BC in ancient China ( Xi'an ) and began during the warring states period and was ruled by Qin Shi Huangdi who was the first emperor of (MORE)

What was the Shang Dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was the first in which the Emperor of China  started recording Chinese history in markings which evolved into  the current Chinese characters. It included (MORE)

What is the habsburg dynasty?

The Habsburg or Hapsburg Dynasty was one of the most important and  dominant houses in Europe. It provided the kings and queens for  most of Europe from the 11th to the 18th (MORE)

Do we still have dynasties?

No. A dynasty is only used to refer to a period of time in the feudal society. In this period of time, a family dominated a large area. They gave their realm a name, which is (MORE)