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How do dyslexic people read?

I'm dyslexic, and I read normally. The only difference is comprehension of words might be slowed and sometimes the word would look messed up (like switching two letters-- ex. (MORE)

What does dyslexic mean?

The word "dyslexia" means literally abnormal words. The adjective is dyslexic. A dyslexic person (suffering from the condition dyslexia) will have difficulty in reading, wri (MORE)

Are dyslexic people good at anagrams?

Well answering your question; sorry in advance for any spelling errors. I'm severely dyslexic, and not good at count down or those games where you jumble up the letters and ha (MORE)

Which us presidents were dyslexic?

Woodrow Willson showed indications of suffering from what might be called dyslexia today, He definitely found it harder to learn to read and write than would be expected from (MORE)

How to tell if you are dyslexic?

If you have several of these indications, further investigation should be made. You may be dyslexic or there may be other reasons. 1. Persisting factors There are many persist (MORE)

Was Shakespeare dyslexic?

Probably not, but we don't know.  Very little remains that was actually written in Shakespeare's hand, certainly not enough to judge whether he was dyslexic. Also, rules of (MORE)

Who was dyslexic?

Anthony Andrews - Actor Kirsty Alsopp - TV presenter Damon Albarn - Singer / Song writer Muhammad Ali - Former Boxer Fred Astaire - Actor David Bailey - Photographer Louis Bar (MORE)

How do you teach a dyslexic?

There are tons of ways to teach a dyslexic. You can have them read everything. From road signs, to nutrition labels, and have them read aloud to you every night. You can also (MORE)