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What is dysphagia?

Answer . Dysphagia is a condition where a person can't swallow properly. It can potentially be serious as they could choke, without even knowing it in some cases. See dypsh (MORE)
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What to do if patient has dysphagia when eating?

I would try to discern whether it would be better for the food to go down, or come out. I am assuming you are a nurse. Congrats, the world needs more nurses or Nurse's aids. (MORE)
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What is neurogenic dysphagia?

its when you cant swallow things. symptoms are: the obvious not swallowing,drooling from lack of the swallowing you treat it by drinking more liquids,therapy to learn to swall (MORE)
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What is the singular and plural words for dysphagia?

Neither, the noun 'dysphagia' is an uncountable (mass) noun,a word for a type of medical condition. As a subject noun, 'dysphagia' takes a verb for the singular. Example: (MORE)
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How do you assist a people with dysphagia?

Be patient and let them be aware that you understand that they mayhave difficulty speaking. This will give them a little more timeand also make them feel more comfortable.
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The symptom dysphagia is difficulty doing what?

Someone with dysphagia has difficulty swallowing. Some drugs or medicines can cause dysphagia. Anti-psychotic drugs are notorious for inducing dysphagia and many other harmful (MORE)