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What is the schwarzschild radius of earth?

The schwarzschild radius of the Earth is about 8.7 x 10 to the negative 3m. The schwarzschild radius is the radis of a sphere that is around a non-rotating blackhole. You fin (MORE)

How to measure the radius of earth?

 There are many ways this can be done.    The ancient Greeks measured the lengths of shadows at two different  locations a few hundred miles apart on a roughly north (MORE)

What is the earths radius in feet?

There is no exact radius of the Earth, but the average is 3,959 miles or 20,903,520 feet. The Earth is rotating on it's axis and because of this rapid rotation the Earth's po (MORE)
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Does the radius of earth effect weight?

Yes, in a way. If the radius of the Earth decreased but it's mass stayed the same, then the forces "pulling" on you (weight) would increase and you would be heavier. If th (MORE)
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What is the radius of earth?

Earth's Circumference at the Equator: 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 km) Earth's Circumference Between the North and South Poles: 24,859.82 miles (40,008 km) Earth's Diamete (MORE)

What is effective earth radius factor?

Light and radio signals seldom travel in straight lines through air, because the pressure, temperature, and density of air change with altitude. Light and radio signals al (MORE)
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What is the Schwarzchild radius of the earth?

The formula for the Schwarzchild radius of a black hole is given by Rs = (M/Mo) x 3km. Here Mo means the mass of the Sun. For Earth, M/Mo = 0.000 003, that is, Earth has (MORE)