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Are there any earthquake warning systems?

Yes. One system is based on spiking electrical signals in the ground before a quake which are monitored by several private companies and radio amateurs in the California are (MORE)

Were there any warning signs of the Japan earthquake?

On Thursday, March 10, 2011 there was a series of at least 24  earthquakes ranging from magnitude 4.4 to 6.4 in the region of  Japan. These foreshocks were the precursor to (MORE)

What is an early warning system for tsunamis?

Seismographs can detect earthquakes strong enough to create tsunamis and where they are most likely to strike. Buoys in the ocean can also tell when a tsunami will strike. Tsu (MORE)

Why can earthquakes be a warning that a volcanic eruption is about to happen?

Movement of high pressure magma underground typically occurs before a volcanic eruption. This magma is under such a high pressure that it can cause hydraulic fracturing of the (MORE)

Warning signs for an earthquake?

Thermal precursor: A few months before the occurrence of an earthquake the average temperature of the area keeps increasing. Weather report bulletins refer to temperatures abo (MORE)
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Where is the Pacific Tsunami Warning System located?

Under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic   Commission (IOC), an International Coordination Group for the   Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific (ICG/ (MORE)

What early warning systems are there for tornadoes?

There are several levels of alert in the early warning system. First there are severe weather outlooks by the Storm Prediction Center. These assess the general risk of severe (MORE)

Where does a tsunamis warning system now operate?

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is based in Hawaii, but receives and feeds data to most nations that border the Pacific Ocean. A similar system of data sharing has been imp (MORE)

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