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Why does a dog eat its own puppy?

Answer: Why Dog Eats Its Own Puppy I'm not sure, but it could be because they sense something is wrong with it so they eat it so it doesn't have to suffer. Blabale: That's s (MORE)

Your dog will not eat his dog food?

I would try a few things to get your dog to eat his food.Only feed him at designated times. Do not leave the food out all the time. This will create a sense of urgency to eat (MORE)

Why does your dog eat its own feces?

  The simple answer is that some dogs simply like the taste (it usually smells and/or tastes like their dog food), so you need to make sure that dogpiles are picked up bef (MORE)

How do you get your dog to eat dog food?

Stop feeding the dog table food. Sooner or later the dog will eat the food you place in from of him/her; Even dog food. Also make sure your dog likes the food, first of all. (MORE)

Why do dogs eat their own stool?

It could be a dietary problem; if their diet does not contain enough of certain minerals, vitamins etc then they will eat their own stool in order to re-cycle some of their wa (MORE)

What dog food do dogs eat?

Dogs eat food made for dogs, usually in a dry or wet form. There are many brands of dog food on the market, ranging from very low quality to premium quality. The better dog fo (MORE)

What do you do to get your dog to eat dog food my dog will eat anything but dog food what do i do?

Well try putting hot water on it or you can always mix it in with wet dog food. Or you could even try a different flavor or type of dog food. Good luck!! Try feeding your do (MORE)

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