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What is ecological fitness?

It refers to the fact that poorly adapted organisms in a population die in greater numbers than those that are well adapted. When referring to a specific species, a species (MORE)

What is ecological environment?

Is the scientific study of the processes regulating the distribution and abundance of organisms and the interactions among them, and the study of how these organisms in turn m (MORE)

What is ecological dialog?

ecological dialogue is a constant interplay of factors that condition and influence each other, a never-ending conversation between the material and ideal dimensions of social (MORE)
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What is ecological fragility?

Ecology = the relationship of organisms between each other and their natural environment. Fragile = vulnerability. Thus, ecological fragility where the organisms within an env (MORE)

What is the origin of ecology?

  Ecology (from Greek: οίκος, oikos, "household"; and λόγος, logos,"knowledge The term ecology or oekologie was coined by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel in 1 (MORE)

How is Christian Ecology link helping the environment?

the environment is written about in the Bible it says that the weather will change storms floods famine heat cold in different places its in the word but you cant fix the ozon (MORE)

What is an ecological address?

"Ecological address" is used to define the  elements of the environment that characterize a specific locale at  a given time. It includes water systems, geographical regions (MORE)

What is ecological balance?

Ecological balance is to preserve nature, to keep the nature more natural. In Canada, an initiative was taken to grow trees across the country, to maintain the balance of oxyg (MORE)

What is administrative ecology?

Administrative ecology is the interrelationship between administration and its stakeholder's economic, culture, geography, history, social circumstances.
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What is dialogical ecology?

Dialogical Ecology is a philosophical concept created by Hune Margulies. It refers to the points of encounter between the Dialogical Philosophy of Martin Buber and some aspect (MORE)