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What type of economy system does the japan have?

Very definitely a market economy. There are some command elements to it, as the government tries hard to spur economic growth. Back in the '80s, when Japanese growth was boomi (MORE)

Where about is Japan?

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, People's Republic of China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia (MORE)

Why China and Japan have a strong economies?

China has the world's largest population (1.3 billion people), immense fuel and metal resources and 140 million hectares of agricultural land. Since the 1970's the government (MORE)

Why is market economy the best economy?

A free market economy can be argued to be the best type of economy because it encourages private ownership of business. In other words, people make money for themselves, and w (MORE)
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Is Japan a mixed economy?

Actually there is no such perfectly free market economy. Every economy is mixed, although the countries may be lined up in economic spectrum depending on their economic freedo (MORE)

Why is Japan economy solely based on technology?

All economies are "solely" based on technologies. Even the usage of  money involves a complex system of multiple interacting  technologies and trading in goods involves more (MORE)