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What are ecosystems?

An ecosystem is an area that can produce nutrients and sustain life. Ecosystems can be any size, from the vast rainforest of the Amazon to a small woodland area or a tiny p (MORE)

Why do you have ecosystems?

We have ecosystems to live. Ecosystems give us energy,oxygen and many other things. Earth is the only planet which have ecosystems.

What does an ecosystem have?

Ecosystem consists of everything, including animalsand plants. It is the communicity in which everything lives in. An ecosystem is a natural habitat. It has: Living things No (MORE)

Why do you have a ecosystem?

population, habitat, ecological organization, abiotic (non-living) factors and biotic (living) factors. i got that from the lesson i just learned HOPE THIS HELPS!!!B)

What does a ecosystem have?

Abiotic and Biotic Factors, such as animals, plants, decomposers, and other amazing living things. And abiotic factors include, Oxygen levels, Nitrogen Levels, Carbon Levels, (MORE)

For you what is an ecosystem?

ECOSYSTEM- is an environment where LIVING THINGS and NON-LIVING THINGS interact with each other.. BIOTIC and ABIOTIC are the components of ecosystem.... ~*MARGE* (MORE)