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What can be done for edema?

Cold packs can help as long as there isn't any underlying infection. Also elevating the part that is swollen can help. It is recommended that if the swollen part is an arm, ha (MORE)

What are the causes of edema?

Edema is swelling. It can affect the entire body or a specific part  of it. It is caused by inflammation and sometimes an injury. It is  the result of leaking blood vessels (MORE)
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Is there a cure for edema?

Yes, there is a cure for edema. Lasix or Furosemide is a kind of  drug that intends to cure acute pulmonary edema and other edema  types that usually cause swelling. Furosem (MORE)

What is a cerebral edema?

Cerebral edema is basically a swelling of the brain, which increases pressure within the skull. This can be the result of a closed-head trauma, or an infection of the brain or (MORE)
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What is edema?

  Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body's tissues. Although edema can affect any part of your body, it's most commonly noticed in your hands, arms, (MORE)

Can edema be cured?

Yes, speak with a physician. Edema can be a sign of a more serious medical problem and there are medications that can help treat edema. Yes. Acupuncture. Speak with a Five-E (MORE)

What is the glottis of a frog?

  The glottis is used to breath and vocalize The Glottis lets the frog breathe.(it's like humans have lung's to breathe) The glottis is used for making sounds and for bre (MORE)
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What does a glottis do?

Glottis are vocal folds that vibrate, which produces a "zzz" sound.  This sound is a voiced sound that is part of speech.

What are the differences in the frogs glottis and the humans glottis?

There are many differences between a human and a frog's glottis. A  frog's glottis is located in the frogs respiratory system, the  human's glottis is located in the human l (MORE)