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What is effacement?

Effacement means a shortening or thinning of bodily tissue. In the context of sexual health, it refers to thinning of the cervix during childbirth. Not only does the cervix op (MORE)

How would you use effacement in a sentence What is the complete definition of effacement?

Effacement refers to a stage in labor during which the cervix becomes thin and begins the process of dilation which moves the cervix out of the way so the baby can be born. Wh (MORE)

What is effaced in pregnancy?

Effaced relates to the cervix. When you go into early labour the cervix which has been long and closed starts to draw up around the baby's head with contractions or downward p (MORE)

What is a sentence for efface?

Although he tried, he could not efface the guilt from his conscience. Erosion threatens to slowly efface the ancient carvings on the rock.

What is effacing in pregnancy?

Effacement: Thinning of the cervix. Usually in the last month the cervix begins to stretch and thin. This process means the lower segment of the uterus is getting ready for d (MORE)

What is nerve root effacement?

Nerve root effacement refers to nerve root compression. This is anissue where the root of the nerve is compressed into the spinebefore exiting it, which can cause some painful (MORE)

Effacement of the epidural fat?

There is mild narrowing of the central canal and teh lumbar spine.This in combination with prominent epidural fat, results inEffecement of Ceberal Spinal Fluid (CSF) around th (MORE)