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What is Self effacing humour?

Answer   Self-effacing humor is where people make fun of themselves to get laughs. Many comedians do this... they make fun of their own quirks. You could also tell racial (MORE)

What is a sentence for efface?

Although he tried, he could not efface the guilt from his conscience. Erosion threatens to slowly efface the ancient carvings on the rock.
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What does effacement of sulci mean?

As the ventricles enlarge with CSF under pressure, the brain is squeezed with the result that the gyri come together…emptying the subarachnoid spaces (sulci) of CSF. Refers (MORE)
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What does 4cm dilated and 70 percent effaced mean?

During delivery , the cervix opens ( dilates) and thins (effaces)  for a vaginal delivery. For a standard routine delivery you must be  100% effaced and 10 cm dilated. so re (MORE)

What is nerve root effacement?

Nerve root effacement refers to nerve root compression. This is an  issue where the root of the nerve is compressed into the spine  before exiting it, which can cause some p (MORE)
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What does sulcal effacement mean?

Suical effacement and the resultant CSF increase causing pressure in the brain and spinal column causes atrophy of the brain. Death can also result from this condition.
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