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What is digitals?

The term digital signal is used to refer to more than one concept. It can refer to discrete-time signals that are digitized, or to the waveform signals in a digital system. Di (MORE)

How does digital library work?

Often you purchase/rent and read books from a literal "digital library" there are pletheras of services such as Google Books, Amazon Books/Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Knut, etc. Som (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantages of using a digital libraries?

Advantages: Digital libraries can be accessed from anywhere around the world - you do not need to travel to a specific location in order to access the information and resource (MORE)

What is a digital library?

Digital library, e-library, online library or virtual library is  the one that provides access to a collection of information  resources in digital form. The e-resources col (MORE)

What is a library?

A library is a place where published material (books,periodicals, newspapers, music and videos, etc.) are kept for useor lending; a room in a private home for such a collectio (MORE)

What is the difference between digital library and electronic library?

A Electronic Library consist electronic materials like in digital as well as analog format. for the example Video tap, Audio materials etc. and it required electronic equipmen (MORE)

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