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What is golf elbow?

A stiff elbow or elbow soreness that arises from the repetition of flexing your elbow in a golf swing.
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What is elbow grease?

it's an expression, meaning muscle. " It might take some elbow grease to lift it."
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Why is the band elbow named elbow?

because one of the band players had a bad arm before they named their band so they called themselves elbow
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Does chickens have elbows?

ha ha , what a random question, but i guess, scince they have wings then you might want to know... chickens do indeed have elbow bones ...
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Can you dislocate your elbow?

Yes. A dislocated elbow is a true medical emergency and may be limb threatening. Arteries that supply blood to the rest of your arm and hand can be pinched off thus blocking o (MORE)
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What are synonyms of elbow?

the 'outside' of the elbow is also called the 'wenis', and the 'inside' can also be called the antecubital. Other synonyms can also include: joint, angle, curve
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How do you stand on your elbow?

you pretty much put your elbows down and balance like a handstand, and then you lift one off (if you want just one elbow)its pretty simple .
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How do you eat your elbow?

1) Hack saw off 2) Boil in a pan of 200ml water 3) Add garlic/paprica 4) serve with cream
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How do you elbow someone?

bend your elbow into position then aim for the face/ nose area. make it nice and quick and keep going until they die
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What if you had no elbows?

IF you had no elbows... you would be a hideous disguting ogre with no reason live so kiss yourself.