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What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is very painful condition affecting the elbow joint and related muscles and tendons that insert at the elbow. 'Tennis elbow' (MORE)

Do cats have elbows?

ANSWER of course they do, if you take one of their "hands" you can feel it. you can't see it, but you can touch it and feel it. and you can maybe see it when they are sittin (MORE)
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How does the elbow work?

The elbow consists of the articulation between three bones: the humerus, the radius, and the ulna. When you bring your hand closer to your shoulder, this is a movement known a (MORE)

How long is your elbow?

Computer Software A computer cannot store and work with information unless it has some programs inside its memory. Computer programs are called software and the most impor (MORE)
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Do jaguars have elbows?

I dont know anything specifically about jaguars, but horses have elbowsonly in the front, the backs are called hocks because they bend forward rather than backward like elbows (MORE)

Gout and elbow?

Absolutely I am going through it right now. Its Red wine that triggers it in me. Swapped Beer for Cider and attacks were less frequent. Reality check now-time for major lifest (MORE)
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What if you had no elbows?

IF you had no elbows... you would be a hideous disguting ogre with no reason live so kiss yourself.