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Can you use Royal Worcester casseroles in microwave?

Do not microwave Royal Worcester if there is GOLD gilding. If it can be used in the microwave, it should say "Microwaveable" on the bottom. One example is in the Evesham patte (MORE)
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Why was worcester built where it is?

Becuase there is a river and it was a source of food and water, also there are hills and flat fertilie land for crops to grow on.
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How did the case of Worcester v. Georgia start?

The case of Worcester started because Worcester and other missionaries who were teaching Native Americans to read and write were living on Cherokee land without purchasing a G (MORE)

How many miles from portland Maine to worcester ma?

135 miles taking this route: Take I-95 SOUTH from Portland to I-290 WEST to WORCESTER via I-495 SOUTH. (EXIT 53 off I-95 in MASSACHUSETTS; EXIT 25B off I-495 to get onto I-29 (MORE)

How far is it to drive from Bloomfield CT to Worcester MA?

65 miles taking this route: Take ROUTE 218 (Cottage Grove Rd) EAST from Bloomfield to I-291. Turn right onto I-291 EAST to SOUTH WINDSOR.Take I-291 EAST to I-84 EAST to BOSTON (MORE)

Where is Worcester?

  From my knowledge Worcester is a city in MA.   A city named Worcetser can be found in England. It is situated about 45 mins away from Birmingham and 2 hours away from (MORE)

What is the best route from DC to Worcester MA?

Take I-95 NORTH to I-295 and the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE (toll) to the DELAWARE MEM. BRIDGE and NJ-NY in Delaware. You can bypass downtown Baltimore by taking I-895 (via Harbor Tu (MORE)

What is halfway between Philadelphia PA and Worcester MA?

Not sure about the exact midpoint, but the largest cities near the midpoint are White Plains, NY and Danbury CT. Both are both pretty close to the halfway point between Philad (MORE)