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What is endothermy?

Endothermy is a process where energy in the form of heat is absorbed from the surrounding. Opposite of this is exothermy. This is studied with reference to chemistry and therm (MORE)
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Two andvantages of endothermy over ectothermy?

- can maintain relatively constant body temperature so enzymes etc can specialise to function at a certain temperature.. - can invade colder environments than ectotherm becau (MORE)
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How is endothermy advantageous to humans?

Because humans are able to regulate their own body temperatures , which means we are able to live in many different environments.
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How does endothermy affect an animals need for food?

To answer this question, you have to first understand whatendothermy is. Endothermy is an animal's ability to control itsbody temperature. It affects an animal's need for food (MORE)
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What is the difference between ectothermy and endothermy?

endotherms are mammals like you and me who produce their own body heat and maintain a constant internal condition. Ectotherms are animals whose internal temperature is greatl (MORE)