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How nuclear energy is use in science and medicine?

In hos­pitals or on TV, you've probably seen patients undergoing radiation therapy for cancer, and doctors ordering PET scans to diagnose patients. These are part of the medi (MORE)
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Is a compressed spring 1 kinetic energy 2 potential energy or both?

The spring would be kinetic energy because as the spring is being compressed it is gaining potential energy. So when the spring is all the way compressed there is nothing lef (MORE)
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What are medicines?

Medicines are drugs or other remedies designed to improve or restore health. Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evol (MORE)

How nuclear energy used in science and medicine?

nuclear medicine uses radioactive substance to image the body and treat disease. it looks at both physiology andyou'll learn how radiation helps doctors see deeper inside the (MORE)
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How nuclear energy used in medicine?

 In nuclear medicine, medical professionals inject a tiny amount of  a radioisotope-a chemical element that produces radiation-into a  patient's body. A specific organ pic (MORE)
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How much energy is produced when the sun converts 1 kg of mass into energy?

The conversion of 1 kilogram mass (through fusion of nuclei)  generates 9 x 10^16 joules.    Energy added to an object increases its apparent mass, on a scale  of 25 (MORE)