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Which ring is the engagement ring?

The engagement ring is either a diamond; ruby; or other gems and  the wedding ring is generally a band that could have a few of the  same stone in it as the engagement ring (MORE)
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Can your engagement ring be your wedding ring?

Is it ok to have just ONE RING as your Wedding & Engagementring?! So at your wedding, instead of receiving another ring/bandyou just use your Engagement Ring to be put on your (MORE)

Is your engagement ring your wedding ring?

No it's not the engagement ring is completely different and there 2 different rings, the wedding wring is what the bride and the groom wear at the wedding but the engagement r (MORE)

Is the wedding ring part of the engagement ring?

Wedding bands can be part of an engagement ring if they are a soldered set. A piece like that is called a wedding set. However, wedding bands are not the same as engagement ri (MORE)

Engagement ring or wedding ring first?

The Engagement ring usually comes first and is used to make the marriage proposal. Then the wedding ring(s) are exchanged on the wedding day. Bridal sets are also very popular (MORE)

Can an engagement ring be used for the wedding ring?

Not really. Engagement and wedding rings aren't the same. An  engagement ring is worn in order to show others that you are  engaged or in other words you've promised someone (MORE)

Is an engagement ring the same as a wedding ring?

It's not actually the same thing. A wedding ring is the ring that the bride and groom give each other on their wedding day. Usually it's a plain band, but it also might have s (MORE)