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What is a dispositional attribution?

none the driver is an idiot! The assumption that a person's behavior is the result of his/her personality (disposition) rather than of pressures existing in the situatio (MORE)

What is a disposition date?

Dispositions of Criminal Cases . It's the date that the action is final, usually by sentencing, acquittal, dismissal. With a conviction and sentence imposed, the dispositio (MORE)
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What are enhancers?

Male enhancers are medications, herbs or other consumables or creams that make a mans erection easier to atain or keep for sex.

What are enhancements?

It's a mistake... Whoever said that meant enhancements which is something like minor updates to something...
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What is a wolf's disposition?

Wolves avoid humans like the plague. If you corner it it will turn vicious because it is afraid otherwise it will run from you. Among themselves wolves are a family and they b (MORE)
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What are dispositions?

Dispositions are the plural form of the word disposition. This is means the inherent qualities of the main as well as character that a person possesses.

What is gender disposition?

The term 'gender disposition' is defined as a set of perceivedbehavioral norms associated particularly with males or females, ina given social group or system.

What is disposition of probate?

Probate is the legal process of determining if a will is valid. Disposition means that the judge has reviewed all claims against a person's estate and has ruled on the trans (MORE)