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What is a bands EP?

A band's EP is usually a batch of 3-6 songs that are released before a full-length album comes out, or during the wait time between a band's album releases. ///Reasons indep (MORE)

What is Gold EP?

  Answer   Gold EP stands for gold electroplate. it means that a very thin layer of gold has been electrolytically plated over another metal, usually a base metal of (MORE)
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Meaning of EP in 24Kt EP?

Electroplated. What it means is that the item is very, very thinly coated with a fine gold. The gold is not worth much. It means that if you are alergic to the base metal, you (MORE)
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What is EP album?

The question appears to be contradictory. Album would normally be associated with LP = Long Playing Record. EP = Extended Play Record (would normally have 2 tracks per sid (MORE)
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Meaning of ep?

  The phrase "EP" as it relates to the music industry stands for "Extended Play."   EP's are typically short (4 to five songs) debut albums that are released by new ban (MORE)
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What is EP?

EP is a musical term that stands for extended play. An EP has moresongs than a single, but does not have enough to stand as a fullstudio album.

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