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What are some medical options for a herniated disc other than therapy massage or an epidural?

  Answer Herniated disk fix   Two years ago, I went through the same thing. I ended up have a back specialist go in and scrap off the part that was herniated. The sur (MORE)

Can an epidural cause hair loss?

  It definitely can! A year and a half ago I had 3 intramuscular steroid injections in my lower back and a couple months later my hair started falling out by the handfuls. (MORE)

When can you fly after an epidural?

There are many reasons you may receive an epidural injection  including back injuries. If you need to fly after receiving one you  should contact your doctor for specific in (MORE)

Can an epidural cause arthritis in the spine?

Yes it can. I had c-section to deliver both my in 1969 and one in 1971. I was given an epidural for both c-section deliveries. Now I am 62 years old and I have (MORE)

Can you get epidural with scoliosis?

  it depends on the place and degree of the curve. i could not, but my curve is in the lower spine. a friend of mine could b/c her curve was higher. you need to discuss it (MORE)

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