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What is the Korean word of the name Erika?

Erika in Korean is spelt 에리카. Which is just simply sounding it out. So when its romanized it comes out as eelikah. My name is Erika and I live in South Korean and this i (MORE)

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What does the name ERIKA mean?

"Erika" is the German name equivalent to "Heather" . It means "the law maker". It also means "great warrior" in spanish. In English it mean "ruler forever"
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Does Erika have a boyfriend?

Yes she does i would tell her mom if i were you even if she is your friend she is not using protection if you no what i mean.
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What Pokemon does erika have?

Erika's Pokemon are Victreebel, Tangela and Vileplume! She is a grass trainer and if it's for the game, use a fire Pokemon. It has the advantage!

Who is Erika van Thiel?

She is Armin Van Buuren's wife! They got married last September of '09 and he is the world's number one DJ of psy-dance/trance/techno music!!! It's been said that they were to (MORE)

How do you beat erika in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the first time i beat erika i used a load of fire, ice, and flying type Pokemon. the best Pokemon to get the job done would be Charizard (because it is a fire/flying) a shelld (MORE)

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Where is erika in Pokemon Yellow?

You will find Erika at the Celadon City Gym. She trains grass types and for winning you will receive the Rainbow Badge and TM21 which is Mega Drain.
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