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Was Hanover Germany part of Prussia?

In 1866 Prussia annexed Hanover and turned it into a Prussian province. It remained part of Prussia till 1933, when the Nazis abolished the various states in Germany.
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What was the importance of Augustus?

Augustus was the man who not only transformed the physical city of Rome, but he transformed the government from the decayed republic to the principate. He initiated a lasting (MORE)

What were Augustus achievements?

During his lifetime, Augustus achieved many great feats. First of all he defeated those who had collaborated in the assasination of Ceasar. He also became the first official e (MORE)

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How did Augustus succeed?

I guess that you mean how was Augustus succeeded. In 4 AD he adopted Tiberius, the son of his wife Livia from a previous marriage, as his son and shared some power with him. I (MORE)

Why was Augustus an emperor?

Augustus became the first Roman emperor because he was the final  victors of the civil wars which tore Rome apart and brought down  the Roman Republic. He gained control of (MORE)