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Why is abstract art considered art?

In order to fully answer this question, one must define "art". Artis the product or process of deliberately arranging elements in away that influences and affects one or more (MORE)

Why art is classified as visual art and fine arts?

When you think of Art, most people think of pictures and paintings. But art has to meanings- one pictures and paintings and drawings- but the other music, drama and literature (MORE)

You are doing arts what can do after hsc in art?

you can begin by finding your style in art ( abstract, expressionism, impressionism, sketching, portraits... etc.). then you begin by practicing your skills until you think yo (MORE)

Is it Art Teacher or Art teacher?

You do not have to capitilize Art or Teacher unless you are starting a sentence. For example: Mrs. Nelson is my art teacher. Another example: Art teachers are funny. You would (MORE)
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How does water cause erotion?

Water beats down on the rock for such a long time, it carries pieces of the rock with it. For example, a waterfall. This waterfall is very high, and the water is falling at a (MORE)

Is martial arts a performing art?

That depends. A martial art in the strict sense is a fighting art, not a performing art. And martial arts performed in fighting competition are not a performing art either: th (MORE)