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What is an escort service?

Generally, it is a cover for prostitution. . An Escort Service is where you pay someone - either male or female - to be your companion. This service can be offered on an h (MORE)

What is a model escort?

A model escort is someone who is uaually very good looking that is paid to go to an event with someone. Could me that this person is a prostitute although not always.
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What is a GFE escort?

GFE escort means that escort girl offers you girlfriend experience - she acts like she is your girlfriend. Well, actually what GFE stands for is girlfriend experience. This m (MORE)
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Can you be an underage escort?

No. There are two things wrong here. Escorts are illegal and an underage escort is very much illegal. Ugggghhhh..... since you assumed the asker was American, I am going to a (MORE)
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How to get best out of escorts?

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What is an escort?

An escort is a person accompanying others for an event, trip, or  other occasion. They may also provide security for the escorted  individuals.    Example : "A parent (MORE)