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What is the only integer n for which n equals x to the y power equals y to the x power for x does not equal y?

16. 16 = 2 4 =4 2 . This was an interesting question that my son asked me. . Indeed 16 = 2 4 =4 2 . However there are a few more integers (in fact an infinit (MORE)

What words have s a n and y in them?

ancestry . anxiously . bayonets . constitutionality . dynasty . earnestly . fantasy . gangways . hydrants . illusionary . mainstay . missionary . nasty . ne (MORE)

What can you spell with i o y n e n t?

If you have to use all of the letters i-o-y-n-e-n-t you can spell: Nine Toy Nite Yon Tine Yon Eon Tiny One Tiny Note Yin Tone Yin Yen Into En I Tony En In To (MORE)

How do you crochet a y or a n?

Y stitch as noted on my web site Crochet Cabana is: . 1) Yarn over twice, insert hook into top two loops of stitch(unless otherwise specified), yo, pull through stitch (4 lps (MORE)
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Is Y and N are symmentrical?

Yes but they have different kinds of symmetry. Y has lateral symmetry while N has rotational symmetry.
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What has the author Y-N Kim written?

Y.-N Kim has written: 'Calculation of helicopter rotor blade/vortex interaction by Navier-Stokes procedures' -- subject(s): Rotors (Helicopters), Navier-Stokes equations
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What word starts with N and ends with Y?

Hundreds of wordsbegin with n and end with y including namelessly, namely, nanny,narrowly, nasty, nationality, naturally, navy, nearly, neatly,necessary, needy, nerdy, neutral (MORE)