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Was Ethel Kennedy at Edward Kennedy's funeral?

Yes she was. She was one of the chief mourners alongside Edward's widow Vicki and sister Jean.
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What is Ethel l payne character's motives?

Ethel L.Payne focused on the civil rights movement and she dedicated her career to raising question about important issues of her time..
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Who are the grandchildren of Robert F and Ethel Kennedy?

Kathleen Hartington Townsend has 4 daughters - Meaghan Anne, Maeve Fahey, Rose Katherine and Kerry Sophia Kennedy Townsend. Joseph Patrick Kennedy II has two twin sons - Mat (MORE)

Who were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?

The Rosenbergs, Ethel and Julius, were an American couple withstrong Communist leanings who were charged with espionage forpassing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union duri (MORE)

Who is ethel in The Bible?

Firstly, Ethel is a christian name and Ethel means-"God is with me".Sadly, there is no such remarkable account for Ethel in the bible, but Ethel is a very significant name for (MORE)

What happened to Ethel and Julius Rosenberg?

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were an American couple with strong Communist leanings who were charged with, and convicted of, Conspiracy to Commit Espionage and for Passing US At (MORE)

What does Ethel mean?

Normally the name Ethel is a name for females, meaning "noble" in Old English. It was popular up until the 1970s for the name of female babies. Although in Turkish, it means (MORE)

What has the author Ethel Tiersky written?

Ethel Tiersky has written: 'It's colossal' -- subject(s): United States, Problems, exercises, Civilization, Readers, Textbooks for foreign speakers, English language 'USA (MORE)