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Etymology of Japanese word or name ADACHI?

  The Adachi were a family of samurai and the kanji for Adachi is:   安達   安 meaning several things:   Peace if it's a noun   fit, fix, harbour, install o (MORE)

Why did the names of some places in Australia change during world war 1?

During World War I, Australians were very wary of German sounding names. Germans who had lived in complete peace in the country for decades were suddenly viewed with a great d (MORE)

What is Etymology?

Etymology is the study of words and their origins and development. The study of the origin of words. apex The official definition of the word etymology is "the study of theor (MORE)

An etymology traces the?

The origin of a word, the study of historical linguistic change,  studing the transfer of words from one language to another. Grom  the Greek word Etymon meaning true sense. (MORE)

What is the etymology of Eragon's name?

Christopher Paolini has said he came up with the name by replacing the first letter of the word dragon. Some people feel he lifted the name from Anne McCaffery. In Anne McCaff (MORE)

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