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Which European countries are not in the European Union?

Non-members of EU . Albania . Andorra . Belarus . Bosnia-Herzegovina . Gibraltar (UK territory) . Guernsey . Iceland . Isle of Man (UK territory) . Jersey (UK terri (MORE)

What is the European government?

There is no European government. Europe is a continent, not a country. It has around 50 countries, all with their own governments.
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Is it the European Community or European Union?

It is now called the European Union, but it was called the European Community and prior to that the European Economic Community.
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Is European cinema distinctly European?

No, it most certainly is not. European cinema shows almost all the large American blockbusters, simply because they're great movies. They also show domestic movies that are us (MORE)

Why did the Europeans colonize?

Europeans colonized in pursuit of (1) more wealth, (2) more land,  (3) more prestige vis-à-vis its neighbors, and (4) converting more  people to the "proper" religion.
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Do the Europeans feel European?

Like everyone else we first feel French, German, Greek, Swedish etc since that is our country. Europe is just the name of the continent. I'm sure the Chinese or Indian feel Ch (MORE)

Why Europeans called Europeans?

cause it sounded better than "those little ******* from europe". xoxo Haha. Who says Europeans are little ? :P Europe is a continent, called by Greek historians and philosophe (MORE)
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What is european?

A native or inhabitant of Europe. If you need to know where Europe is - a continent in the western part of the landmass lying between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, separate (MORE)