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How do you a legend dragon in Dragon City?

well to get legendary dragon or legendary dragons (which is different) you need to breed hybrid rares i reccomend doing gummy and coolfire.
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How do you get a coolfire dragon in Dragon City?

Well, a you cannot breed fire and ice directly, as they are opposites, so you have to inbreed them. A good way to do this is to breed a soccer dragon and an ice dragon or a so (MORE)

How do you raise your dragon on Dragon Fable?

  Buy dragon food and feed your baby dragon once per day. You gain stats for your dragon that way. Then Train your dragon in order to access more of its grown skills (note (MORE)

How do you get purple dragons in dragon story?

Breed a water and fire dragon Blue + red = purple And it's the only primary colour mix not in the market!
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What is a dragon?

Answer 1   A Dragon is a legendary creature that has featured in many myths and legends. It has been depicted in a variety of ways throughout many cultures worldwide. It (MORE)

What was the dragons name on how to train your dragon?

There are quite a few named dragons. ( not in a particular order.) 1) Hiccup: Toothless (Night Fury) 2) Astrid: Stormfly (Deadly Nadder) 3) Fishlegs: Meatlug (Gronkle) 4) Sno (MORE)

How do you get the mirror dragon on Dragon City?

Always for any legend dragon ( they are crystal dragon,legendary  dragon,wind dragon,mirror dragon ) the breeding is  need not do various breeding for various l (MORE)
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What are the dragons in the movie How do you train your dragon?

So Hiccup, the main character, has a black mysterious dragon with green eyes called the Night Fury. There are Monsterous Nightmares, which are red fire-bound ones with alot of (MORE)

What is the dragon?

  I think the dragon is a gatekeeper. He is viewed as being our worst nightmare who has seemingly unlimited power. He is the embodiment of fear, personal death with accomp (MORE)