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What does the European dragon look like?

The European dragon walks on four strong legs. They have a pair of giant wings, thus making it a six limbed animal. It is quite fond of milk. These dragons are just the classi (MORE)

How do you name your dragon on dragon cave?

you click on the picture of the dragon, then in the left hand corner, there is a link that says actions. click on it. it shows what you can do with it. the gray links mean you (MORE)

What is a dragon?

Answer 1   A Dragon is a legendary creature that has featured in many myths and legends. It has been depicted in a variety of ways throughout many cultures worldwide. It (MORE)
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Where do European dragons live?

European dragons live in dark caves, where they selfishly hide hoards of gold, diamonds,and other precious stones. They come out of their cave and cause havoc in nearby villag (MORE)

Which is Fishlegs dragon in how to train your dragon?

Near the end of the movie, each of the teenage vikings rides a dragon to the battle of the Green Death. Snotlout rides the Monsterous Nightmare; Ruffnut and Tuffnut both share (MORE)

How do you get dragons?

  If you are talking about real dragons, you don't 'get' them. Either they come to you or you find them or whatever, but you don't 'get' dragons.
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What is the dragon?

  I think the dragon is a gatekeeper. He is viewed as being our worst nightmare who has seemingly unlimited power. He is the embodiment of fear, personal death with accomp (MORE)

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