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Was Eva Braun a good person?

Yes. From what we can tell, she knew nothing of the Holocaust, and was kept largely sheltered from reality throughout her time with Adolf Hitler. Like Albert Speer said, she w (MORE)

Did Eva Clayton Die?

No, she is alive. She just stopped being a Congressional Representative in 2003. See related link below.
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What happened to Eva?

According to the Irish legend's in the 1700 Eva was a local girl. When a comet was threatening to hit earth everyone panicked. Except Eva. She went to the cliffs where Bella w (MORE)

Is Eva a Muslim name?

Well, yes, because Muslims also believe in the story of Adam and Eve just like Christians and Jews. However, in Islam, the pronounciation is a little different. For example, M (MORE)

How did Eva Peron influence the world?

Eva Peron is considered a very controversial figure in the world.  Regardless of personal opinions, she remains a major pop culture  figure in both Latin America and through (MORE)

Why did Eva Brown marry Hitler?

Braun had wanted Hitler to marry her for years, but Hitler did not want to be married. After he dictated his will and made arrangements to commit suicide, he married Braun as (MORE)

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