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What is evapotranspiration?

Transpiration is 'tree sweat', so trees giving off water from their leaves in the form of gas. Evaporation is water changing into gas and rising into the atmosphere from bodie (MORE)
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What impacts evapotranspiration?

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Evapotranspiration during a storm is significant?

Evapotranspiration refers to the combined process of water surfaceevaporation, soil moisture evaporation, and plant transpiration. Itis significant during a storm because the (MORE)

What are the processess of evapotranspiration?

Evaporation ( E ), from the hydrological point of view, is the process in which water from open water surfaces (oceans, seas, lakes and rivers), from uncovered soil and from (MORE)
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What happens when precipitation exceeds evapotranspiration?

Assuming the ground isn't saturated and the surface is permeable, infiltration of water will occur and as there is no evapotranspiration to remove the water at the surface, th (MORE)
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What is the potential evapotranspiration ratio?

The potential evapotranspiration concept was first introduced in the late 1940s and 50s by Penman and it is d (MORE)