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Yes everone poops?

u idiot! why would u ask that? get a life. u idiot! why would u ask that? get a life
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Did Jesus always have patience with everone?

A: It would be nice to portray Jesus as a perfect human, with infinite patience, but the gospels say otherwise. In Mark 6:7-11, when Jesus sent out the disciples to spread ( Full Answer )
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Is everone going to die on 2012?

In December of 2012 the Mayan Calendar ends which people say is the "end of the world" because the Mayans predicted a lot of things like eclipses and floods but I personally d ( Full Answer )
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Does everone have to die?

Yes, Everyone will die when its time for them to. It maybe when you are 50, or even 12 years old. It can happen at anytime, and is why you should always live your life to the ( Full Answer )
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How everone can be a zombie in vice city?

You can install a zombie mod in the game.Download the mod from internet,then install with the given instructions.
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Why does everone hate Miley Cyrus?

Everyone does not hate Miley Cyrus. It is a matter of personal opinion. i wonder
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Is everone going to die in 2012?

we're NOT to die in 2012. Unfortunatley, some people make money to scare people, so they start spreading rumors. Do you know a scientist? If you do, then ask them!
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Is it true that everone you dream about is someone you know?

yes,dream is about imagenary part of our mind when body and mind both are getting rest.If you saw any one in dream that mean you have seen him previously any where like photo, ( Full Answer )
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Why did Richard the third kill everone?

Richard III didn't actually kill everyone. Athough there has been speculation that he killed his nephews (The Princes in the Tower) and his wife, as well as ministers and his ( Full Answer )