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What is excess and deductible?

  Insurers provide a deductible in a motor insurance so that from every claim this amount is deducted irrespective of the claim quantum. In some policies this is a compuls (MORE)

Excessive of vitamins?

  Only synthetic vitamins can be harmful if taken in excess. Natural (food-based) vitamins will be flushed out easily by the body if not needed. They are much more easily (MORE)
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What is excess equipment?

Computer equipment becomes excess and is available for reuse when no longer needed for the purpose for which it was acquired.
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What does excessive mean?

Excessive means "extravagent", or "exceeding the normal bounds ofsomething". Too much of something. Excessive means - exceeding the normal or permitted extents orlimits; immod (MORE)

What can you do with excess peaches?

Make peach butter (like apple butter).   Make BBQ sauce and freeze.   Give some to a food bank that can accept fresh produce.   Eat 'em up, YUM!   Make peach p (MORE)
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What is policy excess?

It is the first part of loss that is borne by the insured,sometimes the same is refereed to as a deductible. 
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What is redissolved in excess?

Aluminium hydroxide = Al(OH)3 , and Zinc hydroxide = Zn(OH)2 , is redissolved in excess Sodium hydroxide = NaOH (in water solution) : Al(OH)3 + NaOH + H2O ----> NaAl(OH)4 Z (MORE)
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Is excess a verb?

The word excess is a noun and an adjective (excess, more excess, most excess). Example uses: Noun: The excess is picked up by the City Harvest charity at the end of the day. (MORE)
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How excess get inside?

Depending on what exactly the excess material is and what it got inside, there are a number of possibilities. It could have been from a faulty seal on a container, it may have (MORE)