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What does fluctuated mean?

"fluctuated 'is the past tense and past particle of the verb fluctuate. To fluctuate means to change back and forth, waiver, vary. Example: The price of certain stocks h ( Full Answer )
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What is economic fluctuation?

\nCycling periods of good and bad times. Source: "Economics, Principles and Policy" William J Baumol and Alan S Blinder. Page 24.
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What is fluctuation?

A wave motion-frequent and irregular change back and forth from one state of degree to another.
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What is a fluctuation?

To fluctuate means to change, particularly to go back and forth. For example, there is fluctuation in room temperature, meaning the room temperature is constantly changing, bu ( Full Answer )
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What is price fluctuation?

Price fluctuation is when a price does not stay the same. It meansthe price is moving up and down.
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What is voltage fluctuation?

A: Due to undesirable external voltage changes like the AC line dropping out occasionally the DC or input signal will become a variable voltage that is referred as voltage flu ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for fluctuation?

Example sentence for the noun fluctuation: The fluctuation in temperature this time of year makes itdifficult to know what to wear.
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What is hormonal fluctuation?

Hormonal function is when your hormone levels go up and down. To bemore specific, it would depend on what hormone is fluctuating andother factors such as age gender and/or env ( Full Answer )
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What is fluctuation in tempo?

The word flucation refers to a wave motion "the fluctuations of the sea" Also Known as Rubato Elasticity of tempo which follows the natural ebb and flow of the music.
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What are envelope fluctuations?

the bedrock behind fluctuations is that it depends upon some parameters like change in some assigned values with respect to time and the term envelope is refers to a particula ( Full Answer )