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An explosion of a star?

When a star explodes, it is referred to as a nova. If the star is  large enough, it will create a super nova. And if the star is dense  enough, it does not explode, but inst (MORE)

Is neon explosive?

Neon is not explosive, even though its a gas. Neon is chemically inert because it has completely filled orbitals.
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Is nitrogen explosive?

No. In fact, nitrogen is commonly used to provide an inert  atmosphere in which to work with highly reactive compounds.    Some nitrogen compounds are, however, highly (MORE)

How can you create explosive?

C-4 (composition 4) is one of the popular plastic explosive(explosive chemical mix with plastic binder). It has 2 important advantages: The explosive material which coated wi (MORE)

Is mercury explosive?

No, bit it can be used as a switch in a detonator for explosives. It is liquid and conductive and so movement makes the makes the material flow and bridge contacts completing (MORE)
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What is a naming explosion?

A sudden increase in an infant's vocabulary,especially in the number on nouns, that begins at about 18 months age.

Why can lava be explosive or non explosive?

Lava is not explosive. Eruptions of magma from a volcano can be explosive or not, depending on the pressure pushing it up from deep below the Earth's surface and on how hot (t (MORE)

Is lithium explosive?

  Generally no. But it is corrosive, reactive and it cannot be extinguished with water if it burns. Lithium reacts with water to form a strong alkali which attacks skin. ( (MORE)

What is explosive limit of Zinc dust?

  Back in the late 50"s we would mix Zinc Dust 70 % then Charcoal 20 % , Sulfur 10%   which made great rocket fuel etc.
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How do you get the explosives on Poptropica?

Nabooti island  There are explosives next to the elevator in the  Diamond Mine. Click the elevator switch to stop the sparks, push a  barrel to the right, then click the s (MORE)