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Are marks and Spencer a part of woolworths?

No, the m&s in the uk and Woolworths in South Africa are two independent companies, although they share a lot in common. m&s previously had shares in Woolworths, and their man (MORE)

1 Do companies interview every job applicant?

    No, companies do not always interview them all. For the simple reason that they look at all the areas of your application and check them over. Also they do not wan (MORE)

What does 1 w on the u mean?

  It looks like a Diffney puzzle and would probably mean: One wheel on the unicycle.
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What was Company C351 Infantry in World War 1?

Company C 351st Infantry was one of the four companies in the 1st Battalion of the 351st Regiment of Infantry. The 351st Infantry was one of four regiments in the 88th Divisio (MORE)