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When did thomas tallis start to write music?

thomas tallis got started with music in 1542 in his home. his mother was sick and he wanted to endertain her. he had learned in school how to write music. he started working o (MORE)

Why do string instruments sit at the front of the orchestra?

String instruments sit at the front of the orchestra because of the volume/intensity of the sound that they are able to produce compared to the brass, woodwind, and percussion (MORE)

Where is the string family located in the orchestra?

The strings are in front of the stage because they're not as loud as the brass, which are placed in the rear. Placement on the stage varies among conductors' preferences, and (MORE)

Does Fantasia Barrino have 2 children?

All the bios I've seen list only one daughter, Zion, born in 2001. Well i know them personally and she does have 2 kids and the second one is not by young dro. It is a long st (MORE)

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