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In what state is Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc incorporated?

They are incorporated in Delaware. Their mailing address is in Flint, MI. Updated 09/22/2011 ------------- Although Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc (a.k.a. MERS (MORE)
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What are opinions on Alpine Pictures Inc?

In 1999 this company sought and gained some $43 million from private investors on the basis of an upcoming IPO.Since that time they have lost between $30-$40 million (which of (MORE)
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What happened to Quotron systems inc.?

Citibank purchased Quotron in 1986 and held on until 1994 when Quotron was sold to Reuters. By the time of the Reuters purchase Quotron was much smaller than in their 70's - (MORE)

Why was Apple Inc named Apple?

The history about the name of Apple Inc. is Steve gave his team members one day's time to think about a good name of his company otherwise he will put the company name A for A (MORE)

What is equisearch inc?

  Its an Asset recovery firm- They deal with getting unclaimed stocks back to the owners.
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Stocks 101: Learn Stock Market Basics

The stock market is one of the more intimidating subjects in all of personal finance. You may want to get into the stock market, but are hesitant because you don't understand (MORE)

What does inc stand for?

Inc. stands for Incorporated. Normally used in business terms. For an example: Example Inc. or Example Co. (Co. stands for company) Hope thhis helped!
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Was King Farouk of Albanian descent?

  Well his Great Great Grand Father Mohammed Ali was from Kavalla in Macedonia, he came to Egypt as a head of an Albanian unit, whether he had Albanian blood or not is not (MORE)

What is Prescorps Inc?

It is a scam, not a real company. DO NOT deposit their check (it will bounce) and do not send them any money via western union or cashiers check. They bank on you sending them (MORE)

What is the ethnicity of Boo from Monster's Inc?

She could be any ethnicity but has no recognizable accent. Her name  is given as Mary Gibbs (the voice actress in the movie), which is  probably American or British.
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