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What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a fondness or liking for something in particular, that may, or may not be very common; some people have a foot fetish, where they love to rub or have their feet ru ( Full Answer )
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What is fetish?

A raw definition of a fetish is something that turns you on. For example, wearing leather or fishnets turns you on. A fetish could also mean that you have a very strong liking ( Full Answer )
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What is fetish sex?

A "fetish" is a sexual response to something that is not usually considered sexual in and of itself, like red vinyl, cigarette smoke, boots, etc. Fetish sex is not "normal" se ( Full Answer )
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What is a tickle fetish?

A fetish is a desire for something specific (and not sex-related) which enhances erotic play. A tickle fetish would mean the person likes tickling and gets excited by it. This ( Full Answer )
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How do you end a fetish?

Generally speaking, you don't. If the fetish is harmless and controlled, relax and enjoy it. If the fetish is harmful (hurting other people or yourself, exposing yourself to t ( Full Answer )
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What is the sickest fetish?

Any fetish that becomes so powerful that it's more important than the person you're having sex with!
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How do you develop fetishes?

paraphilia are not "developed" it's just something different that you like regarding sex. for exampley some people are sexually aroused by one thing and others by another thin ( Full Answer )
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Are fetishes safe?

All sex should be responsible, consensual, and equitable. "Responsible" means that you know and avoid the risks (pregnancy, diseases, physical or emotional injury, etc.). "Con ( Full Answer )
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What are Misc Fetishes?

"Misc" is short for Miscellaneous. A fetish, in the sexual sense, is an erotic attachment to a nonsexual thing that produces an erotic reaction in a person with that particul ( Full Answer )
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What fetishes do girls have?

they can have any fetish imaginable just like guys but are portrayed in porn to usually have these masochism, beastiality, coprophelia, prolapse, and huge penis