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When did the Bears return to Soldier Field after renovation?

The Bears played the 2002 season at Memorial Stadium in Champaign while Soldier Field was being renovated. The first game in Soldier Field after renovation was September 29, 2 (MORE)
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What is the Chicago Bears record for field goal?

As of the 2008 season:. Most in a Game - 5 by Roger LeClerc against the Lions in 1961 and Mac Percival against the Eagles in 1968.. Most in a Season: 31 by Kevin Butler in 1 (MORE)
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Did the bears play at Wrigley field?

I dont think so. Yes - the Bears played at Wrigley Field from 1921 - 1970, Wrigley Field wasn't officially the name of the park until 1926, before that it was Cubs Park & befo (MORE)
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What is the name of Chicago Bears field?

The Chicago Bears play at Soldier Field. It is dedicated to the men and women of the US Army and Navy (hence the Soldier part).