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What is firmware?

Firmware In computing, firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device. It is often provided on flash ROMs or as a binary image file that can be uploaded onto exis (MORE)

Hardware and firmware?

Hardware is the mechanical components of a computer including physical RAM chips, CPU, Motherboard, disc drives. Software is the program material, stored on and used by th (MORE)

How do you get and install a firmware?

There are a number of gaming forums with full instructions, and help from other members. - home of Noobz, the PSP's most clueless development te (MORE)

What can you do with custom firmware?

ALOT...u can get many different emulators such as snes or n64 etc. you can get custom themes like an xbox 360 theme. you can download free games and other apps that allow you (MORE)

Where can you get acekard firmware?

Go to the Acekard website then click on 'Download', and you have the option of either the Official Acekard firmware, or the unofficial Acekard All-In-One firmware. (AKAIO)

Why do you need firmware?

Firmware is a special class of software that acts as controls on a hardware device. In some cases manufacturers will need to update firmware to provide new functionality that (MORE)