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Who was the fist biologist?

Aristotle is actually known to be the very first biologist. He wascredited with being the first biologist in the western tradition.
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Where is the fist plate?

The first base is on a diagonal line from the right side of thebatter's box. In Major League Baseball, the distance from homeplate to first base is 90 feet.
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Were is the fist of guthix?

it is in the wilderness. around lvl 8 wilderness i think. theres a lvl 43 revenant guarding it so watch out
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What is the fist?

Roll the tips of you fingers into your palm and squeeze tight. This is a fist.
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What is a fist pump?

Balling the fist and moving it back and forth in the air is a type of celebration jesture.
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What is a fist?

A fist is a person's hand with the fingers clenched or curledinwards. To "make a fist" of something is to make a reasonableeffort.
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How do you get into fist of guthix?

You have to go through the Wilderness, somewhere north of Varrock. Look it up on the World Map - click on the little round icon to the lower left of the minimap.
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What is fist off?

My girlfriend made up this term referring to a potential fight that was going to break out. "I think they were about to have a fist off"
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How do you get fist the gogo?

easy if you want fist get series one then feel all the series one packs you see feel for his knuckles they are very bumpy! easy right! if you want fist that is sparkly with (MORE)
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Who was the fist avatar?

His name was Wan. We learn about him and how he became the firstAvatar through flashbacks in Season 2 of The Legend of Korra. Wealso learn what the Avatar state really is and (MORE)