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How do you get the mystery badge in fist punch?

In the blondes lair in level 2, use your dash attack and hit 3 blondes in a row that have laser rings. At the end of the level before the boss 3 blondes with rings should be f (MORE)
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What is fist off?

My girlfriend made up this term referring to a potential fight that was going to break out. "I think they were about to have a fist off"
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Is 13 to young to fist yourself?

Most people would consider this far too young. The body is just going through growth at this stage. Although experimentation is normal in teenagers, most would consider this s (MORE)
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Order of the Patriotic Harmonious Fists?

This is referring to the group of Chinese men who felt they were untouchable to "foreign devils" (Europeans and Americans) who were invading their land in hopes of trade (John (MORE)

What did Thomas Edison invent fist?

Edison's first patented invention was an electric vote tabulator,  allowing legislators to count votes in seconds instead of minutes.  Problem was, legislators didn't WANT t (MORE)