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How do you win in a fist fight?

theres no such thing as winning a fist fight, noone ever comes out on top after a fight, if you think otherwise, get a life. but if it comes down to a life or death matter, hi (MORE)
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Is being fisted a pleasure?

well it depends all on if the girl can take that mutch.... i havent actually done it but i do no that i heard that it is very... its all about how mutch they or u can take.... (MORE)

Cheats for the legend of the dragon fist?

you don't need in character menu just type in menu Tao in starting then i have question: how to get the red man with suit ? but the red man is suit is going disappear!!
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Can you use your fist to service in volleyball?

You can, as it is legal, and a lot of younger children do it. But at higher levels you have much more control serving with your palm, and will even get more power.
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What is fist off?

My girlfriend made up this term referring to a potential fight that was going to break out. "I think they were about to have a fist off"

Is Stalins fist real?

I don't think so. Did you read Plague Ship?   If you did, Unit 731 was real. The book was   the first and only time I heard of Stalins Fist.
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Does being fisted hurt?

  I'm sure that unless you have had some practice with smaller objects first, and gradually increase to larger objects... It's really going to hurt. Then again why do you (MORE)