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Who are flotsam and jetsam?

A comedy music hall duo in the 40's who used to be heard on BBC programmes.

Where did Aishia Flotsam die?

Brain Tree questions can ONLY be solved by feeding the Esophagor twice. It is random and different for everyone, so no one will be able to tell you the answer.
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How do you get through flotsam skyway on pirate101?

You need to do the Main Quest which gives you the Skiff ship to your character. To do this, you must reach Jonah Town, be at least Level 9, and have a Paid Membership.

Where is flotsam in pirate101?

To get to Flotsam, you need to complete The Presidio and get a new companion according to how you were an orphan. After that either go through the ribbon that leads near the B (MORE)