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What is flower gardening?

Flower gardening is growing flowers either for cutting to decoratethe inside of the home or to beautify the landscape around the homeor building. It can be formal beds such as ( Full Answer )
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How can you keep cats out of flower gardens?

There has been no way of keeping them out. But u can use some sort of wire to stop them digging up the garden that is what my mom does.
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What kind of garden flowers are poisenous?

Aconite (wolfsbane, monkhood) . Anemone (windflower) . Anthurium . Atamasco lily . Autumn crocus . Azalea . Baneberry . Black locust . Bloodroot . Boxwood . Burning ( Full Answer )
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How do you say flowers in the garden in Japanese?

"flowers in the garden" = "niwa de hana";"there are flowers in the garden" = "niwa ni WA hana ga arimasu";"I saw flowers in the garden" = "niwa de (watashi WA) hana o mimasu"
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What is the flower of the garden of Eden?

well lot of people say that the garden of Eden does not exit it does if you want to know more about this go to genesis chapter 2 vs 10 to 15. a river watering the garden flowe ( Full Answer )
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How can you identify garden flowers?

If you can pick one, take it to a good nursery. Someone there will probably know. Otherwise, there are lots of books and web sites with pictures, but it's easier to find a pi ( Full Answer )
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Do toads benefit a flower garden?

Toads will greatly benefit your flower garden as they will eat beetles, grubs, and caterpillars, and other damaging creatures
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What flowers are good for gardening beginners?

An easy plant for beginning gardeners would be daylilies.Hemerocallis or daylilies are hard to kill, come in over 7000varieties, and don't get many pests.
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What are flower gardens?

Flower gardens are any sized plots in your yard where you plant and grow flowers for your enjoyment. In some instances, people will grow flowers in pots or window boxes, if ya ( Full Answer )