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What is a flux?

Flux can mean multiple things such as: 1. A flowing or flow. 2. Continuous change or movement. 3. The flowing in of the tide. 4. A sticky acidic compound to help solder (MORE)
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What are fluxes?

Fluxes are changes that occur in systems or objects. A flux meansthat there are variables or inconsistencies in a system.
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What is the meaning of sanguin?

Sanguine is commonly used to infer confidence and hopefulness.However, it's most basic definition relates to blood and its color.
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How do you use sanguine in a sentence?

After the death of their beloved coach, the team was not sanguine about the upcoming season. Jay's sanguine disposition is a pleasure to be around. Kelly should see a doctor (MORE)
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What do mean by sanguin?

Sanguin refers to your blood type. It is also referred to as the sanguin group.
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How do you use sanguine in a sentences?

Sanguine is a reddish, tending-to-brown colour used in old drawings. "The metal walls of the old building were chalked with sanguine as time had given way to rust over the (MORE)
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What is sero-sanguine?

Serous fluid is a clear straw like "plasma" fluid whereas sanguine refers to blood. So this describes a clear plasma like fluid that has some streaks of blood in it.
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What does sanguination mean?

It means that you really need to buy a dictionary or learn how tospell. The correct word you may be looking for is "exsanguination".
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Where does the word sanguine came from?

The original Latin word of Sanguineous means 'bloody or bloodthirsty'. This passed into Old French as Sanguin as a type or red cloth and subsequently passed into English as so (MORE)
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What does sanguine mean in Greek?

It means "useful to society" in Greek. Well, it also means blood, but still, it's the life force and is always running.