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How do you save a folder in a folder?

  In any Windows, first, you have to create a new folder. So, go to where you want to save your first folder (the one that will hold the other folder inside it). Then, rig (MORE)

What are subdirectories or folders?

Computers store data in a series of directories. Each directory, or folder, may contain files or other directories. If a directory is located within another directory, it is (MORE)

How do you open folders?

Here is some examples of how you can open folder under some operating systems. Windows: (Most configurations) double-click on folder icon;Select folder and press Mac OS X (MORE)

What is a folder or sub folder?

A folder is a container to store data on the hard drive in a organized manner. Folders are much like their paper namesake, they can contain documents, pictures, sound files, a (MORE)

Why can a folder created in another folder?

While never required, this can help immensely in organizing your  files. For example, you could keep all your various files in your  Documents folder, but that could make fi (MORE)