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Do bearded dragons eat cat food?

You should never - repeat NEVER feed cat food to a lizard ! Cat (and dog food) is highly processed - and designed only for the animals it is meant to be fed to. Feeding a geck (MORE)

Why do bearded dragons put their beards out?

beardies put their beard out sometimes to display aggression if there is another male or just something as simple as picking it up the wrong way. but the cool thing about bear (MORE)

What is a bearded dragon?

  Bearded dragon lizards are native to Australia. They live in rocky and arid regions of the country and are adept climbers. Dragons have large triangular heads and flat b (MORE)
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How do you get a thick beard?

You get a thick beard by shaving too much. The more that you shave the thicker it gets. facial hair distribution like hair on the head is genetically determined and shaving co (MORE)