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How long can bearded dragons go without food?

It is recommended to feed bearded dragons at least once per day. If you run out of crickets and can't get them in time for their next feeding try romaine lettuce (Iceberg lett (MORE)

Do bearded dragons eat cat food?

You should never - repeat NEVER feed cat food to a lizard ! Cat (and dog food) is highly processed - and designed only for the animals it is meant to be fed to. Feeding a geck (MORE)

What does it mean if your bearded dragon isn't moving very much even to get to his food?

proble that its sick or sad but there is really no way to tell!!! besides they arent even real so how is there really anyway to tell? Hope this helps!!1   Parasites are (MORE)

Why do bearded dragons put their beards out?

beardies put their beard out sometimes to display aggression if there is another male or just something as simple as picking it up the wrong way. but the cool thing about bear (MORE)
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When do you get your beard?

Most guys start growing facial hair around the age of 14 or whenever you hit puberty
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Bible and beards?

  Leviticus chapter 13 verse 29 and 30   chapter 14 verse 19   chapter 19 verse 27   chapter 21 verse 5   1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 35   chapter 21 verse 13 (MORE)
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Why do Jewish have beards?

They don't all have beards. Hasidic Jews have the custom to keep beards, but many orthodox Jews shave. Shaving is permitted only in certain ways. Shaving with a razor is forbi (MORE)